Dive Season is Here, Go Diving!

May is finally here. It’s sunny and 70 degrees outside. I’d rather be out diving today instead of working in my office in the basement of a 3 story building, but that’s the way it goes.

Last season was a rough one, what with the economy being in the toilet and all. Based on my own experience and conversations with other instructors, dives stores and charter captains in this part of the Great Lakes, this year is off to a sluggish start. My guess is that even though the economy may be beginning to show signs of life, people are being cautious and not committing to dive trips or classes too far in advance.

So here’s hoping this season is better than last. The weather is getting nice, charter boats are back in the water, local dive stores are starting up local dives, so dust off your dive gear and go diving. Take a course, go out on a charter boat, go to the local quarry, it doesn’t matter what kind of diving you do, but let’s get this season going.

Dive Season is Here, Go Diving!

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